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by Elaine Welteroth

Brand Ideation: V1

We developed a fun and engaging branding concept that used pink and blue hues to evoke the spirit of pregnancy, infused with a Glossier-like appeal to captivate and empower a Gen Z audience.

Brand Ideation: V1 - Mockup ft. Name Suggestion

Brand Ideation: V2

Our second branding proposal was bold and provocative, inspired by Rihanna, featuring graphic elements and vibrant neon colors designed to stand out and make a statement.

Brand Ideation: V12- Mockup ft. Name Suggestion

Brand Ideation: V3

The third branding concept was minimalist and refined, presenting a chic, sophisticated approach that elevates the organization’s profile and inspires action through its polished aesthetic.

Brand Ideation: V3- Mockup ft. Name Suggestion

Although not initially engaged in the core branding, we introduced essential brand elements post-branding that enhanced the existing design, enabling us to elevate the overall visual strategy.

Brand Design Additions

We designed and launched Birthfund’s website in just four days, ensuring it was both user-friendly and visually aligned with the brand’s mission, providing a vital platform for information and donations.

Website Design

We orchestrated a launch strategy that gradually built excitement, culminating in a high-impact launch that generated organic conversation and valuable PR to boost the nonprofit’s visibility.

Launch Strategy

Video Assets with Brand Partners

We edited a series of compelling videos featuring partners of the nonprofit, including high-profile supporters like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Serena Williams, and Karlie Kloss, enhancing the campaign’s reach and influence.

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Our creative team not only pushes themselves to innovate and ideate creative opportunities for clients, but they also continue their education at all times. Whether you're looking for a brand, packaging, event design, or other collateral, we're here to deliver. We love to overdeliver by merging personality with design so your brand is seen in all you do.


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