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+ Brand and Business Development
+ Realignment of Brand
+ Creative Marketing 
+ Expansion and Growth Strategy
+ New Store Buildout and Strategy
+ Product Suite Curation and Pricing Decisions
+ Wholesale Growth

 As a company that started out solely as social media, we're experts here and we want to empower you to get to 

Brand and Business Development

We were brought in at the brand's inception to completely overhaul Kendall + Kylie Jenner's namesake handbag brand, successfully transforming it into a profitable entity through strategic brand and business development efforts.

Creative Marketing:

We crafted innovative marketing strategies that positioned Kendall + Kylie as a compelling standalone brand, effectively building a strong market identity and appeal, while not requiring direct promotion by Kendall and Kylie Jenner themselves.

Realignment of Brand

We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the brand, which included updating the product line, adjusting pricing, realigning market positions, refining messaging, and revising creative direction to attract a loyal and enthusiastic consumer base.

We reevaluated and redesigned the product collection to create exciting assortments that not only told a captivating brand story but also significantly boosted sales.

Product Suite Assessment

We expanded the brand into new geographic regions and sales channels, broadening its reach and tapping into new consumer demographics, which fostered growth and increased market share.

New Market Expansion

Initially positioned as a luxury brand, we strategically shifted the pricing to contemporary levels to better align with the ideal consumer, ensuring the brand remained competitive and relevant in the market.

Pricing Model Strategy

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With decades of experience in business development, our strategy division helps brands devise their business plans, launch plans, competitive research, product suite and/or pricing, and more. We've proudly serviced over 100+ brands in strategic capacity since our inception from local small business to celebrity founded mega-brands. Yours is next.


Our creative team not only pushes themselves to innovate and ideate creative opportunities for clients, but they also continue their education at all times. Whether you're looking for a brand, packaging, event design, or other collateral, we're here to deliver. We love to overdeliver by merging personality with design so your brand is seen in all you do.


The good news about us? We're obsessed  with social media so you don't have to be. Our copywriters, designers, SMMs, and more keep a consistent finger on the pulse so your social media, email marketing, and more can reach  modern audience with your voice, your goals, and your unique take. We started with social  and it will always be our bread & butter.

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One of the best parts of working with Dial Zero Marketing is our network. Need a contractor for something? We know hundreds. Need to be connected to someone for fundraising? We have those relationships. Looking for a specialist in your particular industry? Ya we know them too. Tap into us even if you're not paying us - we want to help.

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Okay tell us everything....
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Okay tell us everything.... what’s going on?

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