Me Time


+ Full Instagram Management
+ Instagram Copywriting + Design
+ Video Production + Reels Editing
+ Email Marketing + SMS Strategy
+ Product Design
+ Packaging Design
+ PR and Influencer Marketing
+ Analytics Reporting
+ Strategy Meetings and Future Planning

Full Brand and Business Development

Developed a cohesive brand and business strategy for Me Time, ensuring that every aspect from product development to marketing aligns with the brand’s mission to encourage personal time and self-care.

Video Content Capture

Produced engaging video content that showcases the serene and rejuvenating experiences Me Time products facilitate, highlighting the simplicity and effectiveness of a morning routine.

Photoshoot Direction, Model Sourcing, Styling

Directed comprehensive photoshoots, including sourcing models and styling, to visually capture the essence of the brand and communicate the calming and restorative nature of the products.

Packaging Design

Designed aesthetically pleasing and functional packaging that reflects the brand’s ethos of simplicity and self-care, enhancing the customer’s experience from the moment they receive the product.

Influencer Events Management

Managed and coordinated influencer events to build relationships with key influencers, create brand advocates, and generate social proof and wider brand visibility.

Spotify Playlist Curation

Curated a series of Spotify playlists that complement the brand’s focus on relaxation and self-care, providing customers with an auditory backdrop to enhance their Me Time experience.

Crafted an innovative unboxing experience focusing on the external box design, making the process of opening Me Time products a delightful and integral part of the customer experience.

Unboxing Design

Created beautifully designed cards that accompany each product, offering inspiration and guidance on maximizing the benefits of the morning routine.

Card Design

Produced compelling social media content that communicates the benefits of taking "Me Time," utilizing attractive visuals and persuasive copy to engage and grow the brand’s community.

Social  Media Copywriting and Design

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With decades of experience in business development, our strategy division helps brands devise their business plans, launch plans, competitive research, product suite and/or pricing, and more. We've proudly serviced over 100+ brands in strategic capacity since our inception from local small business to celebrity founded mega-brands. Yours is next.


Our creative team not only pushes themselves to innovate and ideate creative opportunities for clients, but they also continue their education at all times. Whether you're looking for a brand, packaging, event design, or other collateral, we're here to deliver. We love to overdeliver by merging personality with design so your brand is seen in all you do.


The good news about us? We're obsessed  with social media so you don't have to be. Our copywriters, designers, SMMs, and more keep a consistent finger on the pulse so your social media, email marketing, and more can reach  modern audience with your voice, your goals, and your unique take. We started with social  and it will always be our bread & butter.

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One of the best parts of working with Dial Zero Marketing is our network. Need a contractor for something? We know hundreds. Need to be connected to someone for fundraising? We have those relationships. Looking for a specialist in your particular industry? Ya we know them too. Tap into us even if you're not paying us - we want to help.

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Okay tell us everything....
what’s going on?

Okay tell us everything.... what’s going on?

i want my brand to wow

my product needs to pop off the shelf

social media drives me nuts

i need a plan for business, i’m stressed

i’m stressed and i need a plan 

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instagram editorial direction, design, and custom copy

sms copy and email copy, design, automations build 

product design for journal pages, card decks, + oil labels

packaging design for cards, oil, kit, and shipping inserts

production assistance for ecomm and lifestyle photography

Video production and editing for reels, tiktok, ugc curation

influencer event planning for press opportunities

spotify playlist curation for additional community nurture